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Our generous sponsors make the conference happen!  We appreciate their continuing support.

Conference Partner

IDEXX Laboratories

IDEXX Laboratories is delighted to be sponsoring the ASVP conference once again in 2019.  We consider our role as Conference Partner to be a vital one in supporting the continued professional development of veterinary pathologists from all areas of the industry.

As the global leader in Veterinary diagnostics and with over $100 million dollars invested annually in research and development we continue to introduce new tests and technologies for the enhancement of animal health.  With a global network of veterinary professionals including the world’s largest group of clinical and anatomical veterinary pathologists, we are reminded on a daily basis of the contribution that you as a profession make to society and we look forward to supporting continued innovation and learning in veterinary pathology for many years to come.


Conference Supporters


Helena Laboratories (Australia) is well known in Veterinary clinics as your supplier of ACT tubes, both C-ACT and MAX-ACT.  Our Point of Care coagulation analyser, the Cascade Abrazo, can now provide you with ACT results from just a drop of blood.  PT and APTT test cards are also available.

We are excited to be launching the Global DX product range in Australia.  Global DX products include the Petscreen rapid test range for companion animals and Herdscreen rapid test range for livestock animals.  We are also proud to be the Australian distributors for he Mindray BC5000 Vet Haematology Analyser.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your veterinary diagnostic requirements further with you.



The Davis Thompson Foundation Australia is the largest organization in the world composed of individuals who are engaged in the formal or informal study, practice or teaching of Avian, Aquatic, Comparative, Veterinary, Wildlife and Zoological Pathology or Related Scientific Disciplines. The latter disciplines are those which contribute to the understanding of disease processes in animals, such as Allergy, Anatomy, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Biology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Cytology, Dermatology, Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Ophthalmology, Parasitology, Psychology, Physiology, Teratology, Toxicology and Virology.CL Davis Foundation

Additional sponsors




Vetpath is a business unit of SVS Pathology Network. Vetpath provides a first class diagnostic pathology service to veterinarians throughout Western Australia. The service offers a wide range of veterinary testing, including blood biochemistry and haematology, microbiology, endocrinology, serology, histopathology and cytology. 

With the delivery of routine results available within a 24 hour period, the Vetpath team provides professional assistance in the management of an animal's health and well-being. Serviced by qualified veterinary pathologists, results include interpretative comments to assist you in the care giving process.

ANZCVS [Pathobiology Chapter] 

The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) seeks to serve the veterinary profession and reward excellence.  College Membership signifies that a veterinarian has expertise and competence in a nominated subject area. To become a member of the College a candidate must have at least four years post-graduate experience as a veterinarian and have successfully completed both written and oral/practical examinations in one of the diverse range of subjects on offer.

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