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ASVP Membership is valuable

The ASVP is a society made up of veterinary pathologists, those studying to be veterinary pathologists, and those interested in veterinary pathology. It has always been supportive of the concerns of it’s members. It provides a non-threatening environment, mainly through the annual conference that encourages and supports junior pathologists,  and builds collegiality across the profession in Australia. It thus supports my professional life.   Allan Kessell, ASVP member


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Which type of membership is right for you?

Members enjoy many benefits including professional networking opportunities, member discounted rates for annual conference, access to the resources library and member directory, and up-to-date information on industry news.

ASSOCIATE Membership - $100 pa

Associate membership is perfect for any person who is not eligible for Regular membership but is actively engaged in veterinary pathology or whose interests in anatomic or clinical pathology and related fields warrant a formal working relationship with the Society.   Related fields include but are not limited to laboratory sciences, veterinary diagnostics and pathophysiological research.  Professions considered for Associate membership would include but are not limited to veterinarians, medical and laboratory scientists, researchers and veterinary nurses.  Associate members have all the rights and obligations of Regular members, except that they may not vote at any meeting and may not be elected to the Committee of Management.

REGULAR Membership - $100 pa

Membership is open to veterinary pathologists who hold a degree of veterinary science registrable in Australia and is actively engaged in, or has had, a minimum of two years experience in gross and microscopic or clinical pathology.  Regular members have all the right and obligations of membership including both voting rights and eligibility to be elected to the Committee of Management.  

STUDENT Membership - $50 pa

Student Membership is open to full time enrolled students in either an undergraduate or post graduate field of veterinary medicine and/or veterinary pathology within Australia and who are actively engaged in, or have an interest in gross and microscopic or clinical pathology; and who are nominated and approved for membership.  Student members enjoy the many benefits of the Regular membership, except that they may not vote at any meeting and may not be elected to the Committee of Management.  The student membership fee is 50% of the regular membership rate.

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