Australian Society for Veterinary Pathology

The Australian Society for Veterinary Pathology (ASVP) was established in the early 1970s (incorporated as the ASVP in 1984) as a professional body to promote the practice of veterinary pathology in improving animal and human health.

The Society comprises more than 200 pathologists, principally in Australasia, but we have overseas members in North America, UK, New Zealand, Greece and Canada.

The main functions of the Society are to:

  • promote the provision of high-quality diagnostic and investigative veterinary pathology services, both anatomical and clinical
  • promote adequate training opportunities in veterinary pathology
  • promote continuing professional development and assessment of competency in veterinary pathology
  • facilitate communication between veterinary pathologists in government, university and private pathology laboratories

This web site is available to both members of the public and the Society.
However, some parts of the site are restricted to Society members